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How to get into retail stores

Yea… you’d like that wouldn’t you? As soon as you start a clothing line one of the first questions everyone has is how to get into a retail store. Before you start knocking on doors and setting up meetings let’s get you retail ready.

  1. You’re going to need a cut sheet. A cut sheet let’s the retail “buyer” see you entire long and flip through it to select the items they would like to carry. Not to be confused with a look book, a cut sheet is meant to be used for purchasing, not showcasing. Every serious buyer will want to see your products in this format (not on your Instagram.) If you would like to know how to make one please email us at design@kommonthread.com and we’ll get you started.
  2. Package your apparel for purchase. Do yourself a favor and image that you are a buyer who needs to stock their shelves every season. The best way to cater to that need is to offer your apparel in packages. For instance “package A” would carry a 6 pieces sizes small-extra large.  This allows the buyer to purchase a quantity of packages instead of thinking of complicated size breakdowns.
  3. Price for retail. This includes pricing your apparel for wholesale and retail locations to make a profit. This part can get tricky because you need to factor in your production costs, over head and anything else that factors into your cost of goods sold. If you would like some suggestions on good price points for you to go into retail please email us and we can help you out.
  4. Sell for the future. Most buyers are out looking to purchase what they know will sell a season or two in advance, so plan accordingly. Always be ready to sell your summer/fall/holiday collection in advance. This is where cut sheets help out so don’t have to run a production of them to start selling them.

BONUS!! 5. If you are trying to get into a boutique retail location meet with a buyer the second week of the month. That’s when they’re “making it rain” in orders. The first month is when they are paying rent and the end of the month is when they are paying bills. Meet the Friday in the second week of the month. You’re welcome.

And just like that you’re ready for retail! If you have any questions or concerns about going into retail please email us and let us know. You can also attend our meetings on clothing line related topics and talk with us in person.

Until next time!